Mathrika Dairy is a bridge between the farmers and the consumers in delivering fresh cows milk from our neighborhood. Mathrika Dairy pledges, that we ensure the highest level of care into each and every product labeled Mathrika Dairy. We take care of everything for you and your family by fulfilling your dairy needs in the best possible way. At Mathrika Dairy, every farmer knows his earnest responsibility. Our products are labeled, graded, and packaged with the utmost attention and hygiene to take care of your preferences and requirements.

Cow Care

At Mathrika Dairy, we center upon the practice of good dairy husbandry at our farmers farms. Our farms are all clean and hygienic, well equipped, technically sound, and socially well-managed by our farmers. We also ensure regular health checkups by local government veterinarian and make sure other mandatory tests that our cattle demand is followed.

Food Safety

At Mathrika Dairy we adhere to strict food safety regulations by FSSAI and maintain clean, safe facilities. Equipment is washed and sanitized to meet and exceed safety standards after each milking. Our milk is always tested prior to leaving for delivery to ensure quality, and make sure safe product ends up in your home. Mathrika Dairy has adhered to a no-added hormones policy.

Cow Breed

Mathrika Dairy’s cows come from the indigenous / Desi / Desi cross breed of cattle. The cows are nutritionally superior, and the guidelines of the Mathrika Dairy Cow Care Program are followed by all the cattle farmers.

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